"When you sign on with Cotton, you're not just signing on for a photography team, you're signing on for a friend.

Not only do they care about capturing every moment perfectly, but they care about how YOU feel throughout the process - comfortable, happy, and loved. They have a way of making you feel completely taken care of and there wasn't a second when we had to worry about how our photos would turn out once we signed the dotted line."

"they care about how you feel throughout the process -

comfortable, happy & loved"

- shelby & courtlan


Friend, we will help you every step of the way, from planning what to wear for your engagements to helping you find the perfect wedding vendors to being the calming voice you need on your wedding day. 

step by step

because the process will be fun, we promise!

We know first-hand how overwhelming the wedding planning can be but that's what we are here for. Don't you worry one bit! Relax, enjoy it & know we got you! 

the wedding experience

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Once you contact us, we’ll send over our Cotton Weddings Guide to fill you in on our current Collections and A La Carte options. If you feel like we are the right fit for y’all, we will set up a coffee/cocktails meet & greet so we can get to know each other better and show you the Heirloom Albums in person. If we are the “one” for you, we will send over the contract and invoice online for your convenience. 

sounds great! what's next?


and say yes!


Once booked, we will send over our Cotton Weddings magazine complete with everything you need to know from first looks to image delivery. We will be there to help you every step of the way, from planning what to wear for your engagements to helping you find the perfect wedding vendors. We are always a phone call away! 

Ooh! Keep going! 


let the planning begin


Now it’s really time to pop the bubbly! About 8 to 10 months out, we'll find the perfect location for your engagement session where you will have a full 2+ hours of loving on each other. We know you might be nervous, but that’s why we’re here...to make a fool out of ourselves just to make you laugh, feel beautiful and comfortable!  Come wedding day, you’ll be pros. 

that sounds amazing! what else?


the make out sesh


We know this can get a bit overwhelming so that’s where we step in! We will help you design a seamless photo timeline, providing the perfect light to what is most important to you. This is the perfect time for you to tell us who is most important to you and what shots you can't live without!  We want to know mom and dad's must-have photos too! 

TEll me more!


timing is everything


I don’t know who loves this southern tradition more, your sweet momma or us! This is the perfect time for your hair and makeup trial, plus a fun sneak peek at your bridal bouquet. We will head to your wedding venue to photograph you in that gorgeous dress! Afterwards, we will order your bridal portrait for the reception. 

So fun! I'm listening!


wear your dress more than once!


About a month out, we will send over an online questionnaire. This is the important part, y’all! We want to know the names of your best friends, how close you are with your grandma & grandpa, what details have you put your heart and soul into & everything in between! This is also where you will fill out your family photo list.  

Oh great, then what?


what's important to you?



On your wedding day, we will be by your side the whole time not just as your photographers but as your friends. We promise to hustle our little tails off to get every photo you could want and be there to hand you a tissue when the happy tears stream down your cheeks! We will also be checking in with your families to make sure they are getting every photo they might want too. 

Yay! And then?

the most special day of all!




We typically deliver around 800+ edited images to your personal online gallery for downloading, printing & sharing. Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, we organize them into folders for you guys so it’s all easy to navigate. Your gallery will be available online for 10 years, plus it comes with an app so you can access your photos on your phone at any time! Winning! 

Is that all?

photos are ready!

happy mail


Once you go through your online gallery and "heart" your absolute favorites from the day, we will begin the album design process! Once we have a proof for you, Alyssa will send it over for y’all to review and help with the cover design as well. Soon after, you’ll have it to show to your parents, your MOH and, of course, Nana! 

Yay! Anything else?

album design

your family heirloom



Once we’ve made it this far together, you are pretty much stuck with us for life! Just kidding but seriously, we love seeing our couples and their growing families over at Cotton Lifestyles for anniversary, maternity and family photos. Then, before you know it, you'll be renewing your vows and we'll be there for you every step of the way again!

yay!  Let's be friends!

it's forever

we're friends for life!


It’s truly a blessing to watch our Cotton couples grow from newlyweds to little families and we are so grateful to document your legacy of love!  

a beautiful beginning


Let's do this thing!

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custom designed albums

The most beautiful and tangible way to tell the story of your wedding day, your album is made to last for generations as a family heirloom that can be shared with your children and grandchildren. Your album will be designed using your favorite photos so you know you’ll love each and every photo included. 


$4800 to $9800

cotton couples typically invest

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WEdding collections

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Cocktails, baby giggles, best friends
& one big family hug!

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