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1 Corinthians 13:2

As a family of photographers, two best friends and a sweet husband, serving our madly-in-love couples & their families on one of the best days of their lives is a dream come true. As special as the wedding is, we know the marriage that follows is the best part. Having an intentional marriage full of love and kindness, covered in grace and forgiveness, is what it’s all about!

As photographers that love the Lord, we love because He loved us first. Through that love, we know as a society the way you love & how you make people feel is truly the greatest legacy you can leave behind. Being a part of preserving your legacy is the sweetest gift we could be given. 

Creating beautiful photos & heartfelt films for our couples is so important to us, but creating a community with our couples who also have a heart for serving others is a blessing beyond measure! A portion of our Cotton profits go toward Memorial Assistance Ministries, an incredible local organization that helps families. By hosting an annual clothing drive every January, we celebrate all of our wonderful Cotton couples while collecting clothing for MAM’s resale shop. This is a tradition that we look forward to every year & gives so much more meaning to the word Cotton.

our mission

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

Luke 12:48

Love is our legacy

about us!

Hi lovebirds! I’m a pie-making, Texas gal with a little avocado, salad loving, California heart. I’ve spent about half my life between both states. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, I never knew this is what my life would hold.

I guess you’d say I’m the creator of this little Cotton poof. But in reality, I know none of it would be possible without 1. My sweetheart of a hubby who is my greatest encourager and incredible business coach and, of course, 2. My bestie, Alyssa, my right hand gal pal of 15+ years. I like to call her my Siri since she seems to know everything! I couldn't have dreamt up a sweeter scenario working alongside my two favorite humans encouraging and loving our clients. 

Once we become friends, you should know, I'm in it for the long haul. Nothing is more important to me than my relationships. I live for Sundays, flipping on our trampoline, snuggles with our pup Elli, Thanksgiving (my perfect excuse to make a ridiculous amount of pies) with our family and dinner dates with our best friends! 




When Kellan comes through the door, I pretty much transform into a koala. I bet he'd say he's a bit over snuggled but to me, he is the best part of my day! 


wedding moment ever

When our sweet bride, Morgan, fed me a bite of her cake right after cutting it! It was a dream come true for me because, let’s be real, I really do it for the cake!


Seriously, it's my mission in life to create the recipe for the world's best sugar cookie!

like a koala bear



meet Kellan

meet alyssa

Howdy, y’all! I’m Kellan Caldwell, owner / lead videographer / bug crusher / Mr. fix-it and husband to the boss over here at Cotton. In true Houstonian fashion, I left for 4 years for a finance degree at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, then promptly returned home.

It didn’t take too long after Michelle and I met that she recruited me to photograph weddings with her. What can I say? I couldn’t stand being apart from her on Saturdays and now I enjoy every minute I get to share in this part of her life. Part of that joy involves getting to hang out with the groom and his guys on wedding days. Having experienced the thrill of getting married a few years ago, I know first-hand just how fun it can be having your best friends there with you.

When I'm not moonlighting as a photographer/videographer with Cotton, I'm helping couples and families merge their faith and finances to achieve their financial goals while giving back to the community.


Chief fun officer


After church on Sundays, you'll find me by the pool, with our family grilling steaks and acting the same age as our nephew, 5. When it comes to sports and games, I can't get enough, basketball, poker, you name it.


wedding moment ever

After the guys were ready and waiting for the ceremony, Jon’s groomsmen prayed over Jon. That was definitely a favorite moment for me.


Anything superhero, especially all the new Marvel movies, gets me way too excited. I love that Michelle and I enjoy the Marvel TV shows together. Also, I have definitely spent an entire day playing the Lego Batman video game.

with the family

Cue nerd alert!

meet michelle

meet alyssa

i love ... 

I’m a Houston native who’s always had a pretty serious case of wanderlust. That sense of adventure led me to Colorado for a few years where I fell in love with the mountains, the crisp, bright air, and snowboarding, of course. Eventually, I discovered that my friends and family back home had my heart and Texas was where I wanted to be! Who can resist working alongside your best babe every day and photographing couples on the happiest days of their lives!

When I’m not busy in the Cotton office, I’m usually having a Harry Potter or (insert HBO show here) marathon whilst drinking craft beer and dreaming up my next travel adventure.

Most of all, it is a huge blessing to work on this team with my inspiring best friend and her husband doing something so beautiful and meaningful. Plus, I get a front row seat to watch these two lovebirds (or Michellan as I call them) do this crazy thing called newlywed life!


right hand woman


I find such joy and delight in creation. Learning is always really exciting for me (woodworking is next on the list!) and one of my favorite pastimes is to paint with one of my best friends, Caroline!


wedding moment ever

Marissa & Ken surprised their guests with fireworks during their exit! It was truly an awe-inducing moment for everyone but the best part was Marissa getting all teary from overwhelming bliss and love!


I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list! Up next, England, Scotland, Barcelona, Budapest and finally, southern France! Check out all our destination sessions and weddings!

or anything creative

& all things travel

meet michelle

meet kellan

i love ... 

my absolute faves

enough about us!

our couples

you're definitely a cotton couple if you love ...

One thing's for sure, every one of our Cotton couples have hearts of gold!  They're kind, loving, thoughtful and can't wait to marry the love of their life.  They're preparing for their marriage and loving every step along the way!  

let's be friends!

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Handwritten thank you notes, Nana's homemade pie, ice cold tea & fresh farmers markets 

cotton couples love


southern charm


southern charm

Where Gents never miss a 'yes ma'am', or holding doors open for their sweethearts.

cotton couples love


the first look

When her groom tears up seeing her as his soon-to-be wife for the very first time.

cotton couples love



the first look

Where dads cry, brothers cry, and let's face it, we all cry! 

cotton couples love



puppy love

To treat their fur babies as actual babies because, let's be real, they run the show!

cotton couples love



date night

Intentionally making time for each other and always putting their love first.

cotton couples love



weekend getaways

Little surprises & weekend getaways to escape life's hustle & bustle (#weekendidos)

cotton couples love




They are thrilled to plan their wedding but even more excited for their marriage! 

cotton couples love




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Think you're totally a Cotton Couple? Perfect, we can't wait to hear about your wedding and, most importantly, your love story. Don't forget about the proposal! Tell us everything!   

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